EMO’s ZENPAC uses an Active Thermal Management System to maintain Optimal Temperature for all Cells inside the Pack. Every Cell is Fully Immersed in our Proprietary Fluid and 4 Pumps at the Bottom are responsible for maintaining an Active Flow of the fluid. The fluid captures heat from every cell and rejects it into thin channels in the external Aluminum Housing. The design for every part ensures all the heat from Cells to the Housing is rejected in the most efficient manner thus enabling within 2 Deg C distribution even while Fast Charging. This homogeneity in temperature and active fluid control allows Extended Life, Faster Charge and Safer Operation. The patented Thermal Management system consisting of 4 Pumps, a Heater and Pressure / Temperature Sensors controlled by our BMS uses <1% Range and functions during Charge and Discharge. EMO's ZENPAC has been extensively tested across multiple vehicles and is capable of 30 min Charge and >1500 NMC Cycles using any Standard 15A Sockets even in adverse climate and usage conditions. #ZENPac #stayEMO